Press Quotes

Press Quotes

Dr Vivian Balakrishnan, Acting Minister for Community Development, Youth & Sports, and Senior Minister of State for Trade & Industry, at the 2004 Enterprise 50 and e50.startup Gala Dinner, 2004, 5 November. Extract of Speech.

"Tonight's winners are testament to the fact that we can build strong local enterprises in Singapore. Many of you are already well-known players."

Mr Lim Boon Heng, Minister, Prime Minister's Office, at the 2003 Enterprise 50 and e50.startup Awards Presentation and Gala Dinner, 2003, 14 November. Extract of Speech.

"With their entrepreneurial nature, the E50 Award Winners will lead our economy in discovering new growth engines, developing them and riding them to generate value for themselves, and ultimately for Singapore."

Mr Tharman Shanmugaratnam, Senior Minister of State for Trade & Industry and Education, 2003 Enterprise 50 Launch.

"Since its inauguration in 1995, the annual Enterprise 50 (E50) rankings have featured the most enterprising and promising of our homegrown compaines. Since their induction into the E50 ranks, more than 50 companies have gone on to list publicly. Several have gone on to build an international reputation - companies like Osim, Tee Yih Jia and Ocean Sky International."

Goh Yeow Lian, Managing director of Wee Hur Construction's. E50 Winner - 2000 & 2001. "No resting on Laurels" The Business Times January 16, 2003.

"The awards have enhanced our image and there is more customer confidence in Wee Hur...But we must not use these accolades to relax, and especially in the current construction downturn, the company is always looking to survive."

Sam Goi, Executive Chairman of food group Tee Yih Jia, E50 Winner - 1995 to 2000. Ranked first in 2000. 'Keeping good company' The Business Times May 6, 2003.

"The E50 awards are seen to be the Oscars of the business community in Singapore, celebrating and recognising the achievements of the top 50 Singapore companies...

...Trust is an important value that Tee Yih Jia demonstrates right from its inception, and is a value that we will always be committed to. Being recognised as a top E50 company helps in reaffirming the trust of our overseas customers."

Steve Ting, executive chairman and co-founder, Frontline Technologies Corp. E50 Winner - 1999 & 2000. "Electronics plays in the limelight" The Business Times November 23, 2000.

"This year marks our second consecutive year of winning the E50 award. It is extremely meaningful -- while the first award was a recognition of our performance, the second was a strong affirmation. This year's win also means more to us as it marks our last year of contention as we became a public company last month."

Boone Quek, CEO of Avaplas. E50 Winner - 1999. "Avaplas: young and looking for growth" The Business Times October 30, 2000.

"...winning the E50 award helped to raise the profile of Avaplas. Its initial public offering was 24.7 times subscribed...It helped profile us as a young and growing company, and it helped people to get to know us..."

Willie Cheng, country managing director, Accenture. "Nominations for 2003 e50 lists now open;Private companies owned or based in S'pore are eligible" The Business Times May 7, 2003.

"This list (represents) the best of Singapore's local entrepreneurship"


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