E50 Ranking System

The ranking of the top fifty companies will be primarily on a weighted-average computation of a set of performance indicators over a three-year period, including:

  • Operating Profit Before Tax (OPBT)
  • Gross Turnover         
  • Return on Equity
  • Growth in Operating Profits
  • Growth in Turnover
  • Net Tangible Assets
  • Operating Cash Flow as a percentage of OPBT
  • Quick Ratio
  • Debt to Equity Ratio
  • Return on Total Fixed Assets
  • Operating Profit per Employee

In addition, qualitative factors such as business model, productivity and innovation, management ideals and governance, knowledge initiatives, market branding and presence, and liquidity and risk management will be taken into consideration in ranking the companies. These qualitative factors will not influence the rankings by more than 45%.

To maintain confidentiality, the profit figures of individual companies will NOT be released publicly. Individual operating profit figures will only be used for the purpose of ranking and will be published only as a percentage or ratio - for example, percentage growth in operating profits over three years. However, profit and other figures may be used for research purposes.

The organizers' decisions on all aspects of this initiative including ranking, evaluation and publication of the list will be final.